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SpaceSpring is a new app that can make a Respring on a device using a bug in the notification process on iOS.


At the time I’m writing this, Apple just released iOS 10.3.2b1 and SpaceSpring work perfectly on it (app, widget & 3DTouch).

EDIT (27/04/17): works on iOS 4.0 – 10.3.2 b3

Download links: ipa or project

Technical explain

Previously, when I have released the VCF message bug, I also shared my text to do the bug (crash text). And I used it to make this new thing !

First, I have made an textview where is pasted the crash text, moved it out of storyboard in order to can’t make it your iPhone laggy and the app unusable.

Then I created a notification that include this textfield as body, and when you receive it: your iPhone do a respring !

Fact: With my team (CoffeeBreakers), we have found a way to do a kernel panic with this. (Bug by @OxFEEDFACE)

The app works like this:

-Application launch -> it send 10 crafted notifications

-Make a respring

For the Widget & 3DTouch, it’s just an URL scheme to open SpaceSpring.

This bug can also be do via push notifications (remotely) but it’s more work. I have tried & it’s very laggy on the computer and the server don’t send the notif correctly. (Thanks to Joseph Shenton for this)

If you want any help / have a suggestion contact me: Contact page or Twitter

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