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Mail Spoofer is a simple program for spoofing your name & e-mail address, send HTML mail and choose your SMTP easily.


I am not responsible for your use of this software.

New version 1.1 !

Changelog: I have modified some texts // I added a pop-up to decline my responsibility // The bug with “<>” is now resolved

Download Mail Spoofer 1.1



First, choose the name & the e-mail address you want the “victim” to see.

Write the victim’s e-mail, object and body (check HTML case if you want to import your code).

I have make a little list of popular SMTPs and the most used ports for them (click on the arrow at SMTP case).

If you want to use another SMTP server, just search for the address and the port it is using (most popular is 587, 465 & 25).

Enter your login & password of the SMTP and click on the big button !


Example: You have an mail with “”, you can use the Orange SMTP’ !


Login: your e-mail address

Password: your e-mail password


screen1 screen2








If you have any problem or suggestion, contact me !

Download and enjoy !

Twitter: @vincedes3


Thanks to William for the help (english translation).

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4 thoughts on “Mail Spoofer

  1. Garrett

    When I try to login to a gmail SMTP, I get the error: “Failure sending mail. Unable to read data from the transport connection: net_io_connectionclosed.” How do I fix this?

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