iOS 10.1 crash message

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In this video, I crash by a website.


Firstly, I open and it’s works perfectly. I go to Safari on my website and crash my iPhone (need a reboot).


After this my doesn’t work :$

I back to Safari and go to my magic page 😉

And now works (Ohh it’s magiiic !).

Click here for my magic page !


Additionnal information:

Version: iOS 10.1

Device: iPhone 7

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13 thoughts on “iOS 10.1 crash message

  1. Bob

    Fix does not work on iPad Air 2. Tried heaps of times with no success. If u leave for a while screen goes all black. Once open fix, messages works for 1 sec then the keyboard disappears then everything goes white then 10 sec later to black. Plz work on iPad fix soon, I need iMessage for work. I’m running iOS 10.2.1 Beta 2.

  2. Bob

    Hi I hav found a fix for iPad. All u have to do is enable all notifications for messages then get a friend who is ur contact to iMessage u a photo then a contact of someone they have but u don’t, then close app and try fix. If doesn’t work wait until screen go black and get friend to send one message to u then close and re try these steps. Worked for me over 10 times on my iPad tried with different ways but this one only works.

    1. Bob

      Also ask the friend u sent massage to, to send over 200 messages then messages won’t try to auto load that text and then delete chat with out scrolling up

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