History of my bug on Message.app


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Discovery of my bug

In July 2016, when iOS 10 beta was published, I wanted to test some things on my iPhone. After some experimenting, I saw that the system reacted rather badly when I pasted complicated text.

When I saw that I could crash a device remotely by a message I understood that I had found something !


Contact Apple

I then thought that contacting Apple to share with them this giant issue would be a good thing.

So I sent a mail explaining what I could do and saying that it would be a good idea to correct this bug before the official release of iOS 10, as it would be a massive vulnerability on any device with the newest software.

I also asked Apple if they were interested in buying this bug or offering a reward to help me in my work (quoting the Apple Bounty Program).

I got the answer that the Apple Bounty Program was “invitation-only” for the moment (while trying to have more information and half interested in what I said). The guy that answer me, Jeff, did not answer my questions and didn’t even watch the video I shared with him which is surprising ! (link)

So I stopped going in circles with them and I continued the development of my projects as well as the tests with this bug.



On December 28, EverythingApplePro post a tweet saying he discovered a bug in iOS 10.2.1 that crash Message (tweet). So I answered this tweet by saying to contact me and because I had something similar.

I shared all of my files and my link to fix with him in order to make a video (link).

After that, my website and my Twitter became very successful !

Lots of websites have spoken about that ! Like DailyMail, RedmondPie etc…

I have some other bugs on iOS and, if Apple reads this, I have a contact section on my website 😛

Thanks to William for the help (english translation).

If I have made a mistake, please indicate it to me here:  

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  1. Jona

    Hey man it said when I go on the website it would fix my iMessage but hasn’t how come man

  2. Antonio

    When i try to share the link from iCloud the screen becomes unresponsive

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