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SpaceSpring is a new app that can make a Respring on a device using a bug in the notification process on iOS.

At the time I’m writing this, Apple just released iOS 10.3.2b1 and SpaceSpring work perfectly on it (app, widget & 3DTouch).

EDIT (27/04/17): works on iOS 4.0 – 10.3.2 b3

Download links: ipa or project

Technical explain

Previously, when I have released the VCF message bug, I also shared my text to do the bug (crash text). And I used it to make this new thing !

First, I have made an textview where is pasted the crash text, moved it out of storyboard in order to can’t make it your iPhone laggy and the app unusable.

Then I created a notification that include this textfield as body, and when you receive it: your iPhone do a respring !

Fact: With my team (CoffeeBreakers), we have found a way to do a kernel panic with this. (Bug by @OxFEEDFACE)

The app works like this:

-Application launch -> it send 10 crafted notifications

-Make a respring

For the Widget & 3DTouch, it’s just an URL scheme to open SpaceSpring.

This bug can also be do via push notifications (remotely) but it’s more work. I have tried & it’s very laggy on the computer and the server don’t send the notif correctly. (Thanks to Joseph Shenton for this)

If you want any help / have a suggestion contact me: Contact page or Twitter

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History of my bug on Message.app https://vincedes3.com/history-of-my-bug-on-message-app/ https://vincedes3.com/history-of-my-bug-on-message-app/#comments Sun, 08 Jan 2017 03:58:17 +0000 https://vincedes3.com/?p=126 Read more »]]> Version française disponible ici

Discovery of my bug

In July 2016, when iOS 10 beta was published, I wanted to test some things on my iPhone. After some experimenting, I saw that the system reacted rather badly when I pasted complicated text.

When I saw that I could crash a device remotely by a message I understood that I had found something !


Contact Apple

I then thought that contacting Apple to share with them this giant issue would be a good thing.

So I sent a mail explaining what I could do and saying that it would be a good idea to correct this bug before the official release of iOS 10, as it would be a massive vulnerability on any device with the newest software.

I also asked Apple if they were interested in buying this bug or offering a reward to help me in my work (quoting the Apple Bounty Program).

I got the answer that the Apple Bounty Program was “invitation-only” for the moment (while trying to have more information and half interested in what I said). The guy that answer me, Jeff, did not answer my questions and didn’t even watch the video I shared with him which is surprising ! (link)

So I stopped going in circles with them and I continued the development of my projects as well as the tests with this bug.



On December 28, EverythingApplePro post a tweet saying he discovered a bug in iOS 10.2.1 that crash Message (tweet). So I answered this tweet by saying to contact me and because I had something similar.

I shared all of my files and my link to fix with him in order to make a video (link).

After that, my website and my Twitter became very successful !

Lots of websites have spoken about that ! Like DailyMail, RedmondPie etc…

I have some other bugs on iOS and, if Apple reads this, I have a contact section on my website 😛

Thanks to William for the help (english translation).

If I have made a mistake, please indicate it to me here:   [contact-form]

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Bug: crash Message application by MMS on iOS https://vincedes3.com/crash-message-app-iphone/ https://vincedes3.com/crash-message-app-iphone/#comments Thu, 29 Dec 2016 14:43:52 +0000 https://vincedes3.com/?p=106 Read more »]]> Introduction

Hey ! After the revelation of my bug by EverythingApplePro, I think it’s better to explain how it work. Work on iOS 8 to iOS 10.2.1 b2 (latest version now)

First, if you don’t know about what i talk, see this video:

Don’t try this if you don’t know what you do

I am not responsible if you break your device

  1. Download the file here
  2. Upload it to iCloud Drive, Dropbox etc.. (just if you want to keep it)
  3. Share the file to send it via Message
  4. Send it to your victim
  5. Wait for the victim click on it, the Message application freeze and don’t work anymore.
  6. Fix the app with this magical link

How it’s work ?

It’s lot of text loaded by iOS and crash the app.

When you click, iOS want to read the text, the text in the file is very complicated for the system and cause a CPU average: the app freeze. You close the app, want to reopen but iOS want to reload the previous message but can’t because it’s the vcf file.

All of the code is here:

VCF file: vincedes3.com/vincedes3.vcf

Fix link: vincedes3.com/save.html

Another fix: See the post on Twitter

Another fix 2: See the post on Twitter

There seems to be a problem with some iPad where the fix does not work. I can’t do anything about this :/ Try the alternate fix or DM on Twitter.

Code in TXT: vincedes3.com/crashtext.txt

Code in HTML (for copy on iOS): http://vincedes3.com/crashtext.html

My video of demo :

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Mail Spoofer https://vincedes3.com/mail-spoofer/ https://vincedes3.com/mail-spoofer/#comments Wed, 23 Nov 2016 19:08:35 +0000 https://vincedes3.com/?p=87 Read more »]]> Mail Spoofer is a simple program for spoofing your name & e-mail address, send HTML mail and choose your SMTP easily.

I am not responsible for your use of this software.

New version 1.1 !

Changelog: I have modified some texts // I added a pop-up to decline my responsibility // The bug with “<>” is now resolved

Download Mail Spoofer 1.1



First, choose the name & the e-mail address you want the “victim” to see.

Write the victim’s e-mail, object and body (check HTML case if you want to import your code).

I have make a little list of popular SMTPs and the most used ports for them (click on the arrow at SMTP case).

If you want to use another SMTP server, just search for the address and the port it is using (most popular is 587, 465 & 25).

Enter your login & password of the SMTP and click on the big button !


Example: You have an mail with “@orange.fr”, you can use the Orange SMTP’ !


Login: your e-mail address

Password: your e-mail password


screen1 screen2








If you have any problem or suggestion, contact me !

Download and enjoy !

Twitter: @vincedes3


Thanks to William for the help (english translation).

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iOS 10.1 crash message https://vincedes3.com/ios-10-1-crash-message/ https://vincedes3.com/ios-10-1-crash-message/#comments Tue, 08 Nov 2016 00:48:48 +0000 https://vincedes3.com/?p=53 Read more »]]>

In this video, I crash Message.app by a website.


Firstly, I open Message.app and it’s works perfectly. I go to Safari on my website and crash my iPhone (need a reboot).

After this my Message.app doesn’t work :$

I back to Safari and go to my magic page 😉

And Message.app now works (Ohh it’s magiiic !).

Click here for my magic page !


Additionnal information:

Version: iOS 10.1

Device: iPhone 7

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iOS 10 Glitch on Message.app https://vincedes3.com/ios-10-glitch-on-message-app/ https://vincedes3.com/ios-10-glitch-on-message-app/#comments Tue, 08 Nov 2016 00:22:58 +0000 http://vincedes3.com/?p=20 Read more »]]> In this video, I crash the Messages app by an incoming iMessage on iOS 10.

With another device, I have send an iMessage which includes my code. After this the Messages app doesn’t work anymore.

In iOS 10 b1 & b2 I can’t fix this. But now I have created a “patch” (website with JavaScript function that open Message.app and it doesn’t crash (work 9/10).

Additional information:

Version: iOS 10 b2

Device: iPhone 6


Thanks to William for the help (english translation).

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About Me https://vincedes3.com/introducing/ https://vincedes3.com/introducing/#comments Sun, 06 Nov 2016 20:00:50 +0000 http://vincedes3.com/?p=13 Read more »]]> Let me introduce myself, I am Vincent, a young French developer.

I work with many platforms such as: Windows, iOS, Web(HTML/PHP/JS/MYSQL) etc..

On this website, I will explain my videos, share some scripts and software. I will keep you updated on what I’m currently work.


You can follow me on Twitter: @vincedes3

And subscribe to my YouTube channel: vincedes3

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