All tools come from my old website (deleted by my old host lmao).


They certainly will not updated but if you have a problem I can help you, just explain me on this page: Contact


Admin Creator: Software for create Administrator Sessions on some school computer (using permission vulnerability).

Admin Creator 1.1


Control Pannel: Tools for use some fonction on Windows (even when they are not accessible).

Control Pannel


Hotspot Spoofer beta: Software for spoofing network.

Hotspot Spoofer 1.0.1

Hotspot Spoofer 1.1 (Beta)


Mail Spoofer: Software for send spoofed mail


Download Mail Spoofer 1.1

Kasperski don’t like me so they blacklisted this software. And lots of antivirus follow them & blacklisted it too 😂 so shut down your antivirus if you launch this software.

Changelog 1.1 : I have modified some texts // I added a pop-up to decline my responsibility // The bug with “<>” is now resolved


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