Bug: crash Message application by MMS on iOS



Hey ! After the revelation of my bug by EverythingApplePro, I think it’s better to explain how it work. Work on iOS 8 to iOS 10.2.1 b2 (latest version now)


First, if you don’t know about what i talk, see this video:

Don’t try this if you don’t know what you do

I am not responsible if you break your device

  1. Download the file here
  2. Upload it to iCloud Drive, Dropbox etc.. (just if you want to keep it)
  3. Share the file to send it via Message
  4. Send it to your victim
  5. Wait for the victim click on it, the Message application freeze and don’t work anymore.
  6. Fix the app with this magical link

How it’s work ?

It’s lot of text loaded by iOS and crash the app.

When you click, iOS want to read the text, the text in the file is very complicated for the system and cause a CPU average: the app freeze. You close the app, want to reopen but iOS want to reload the previous message but can’t because it’s the vcf file.

All of the code is here:

VCF file: vincedes3.com/vincedes3.vcf

Fix link: vincedes3.com/save.html

Another fix: See the post on Twitter

Another fix 2: See the post on Twitter

There seems to be a problem with some iPad where the fix does not work. I can’t do anything about this :/ Try the alternate fix or DM on Twitter.

Code in TXT: vincedes3.com/crashtext.txt

Code in HTML (for copy on iOS): http://vincedes3.com/crashtext.html

My video of demo :

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17 thoughts on “Bug: crash Message application by MMS on iOS

  1. Donovan Bolte

    hey man. so i sent it to my friend to test it out through my ipad bc my phone is messed up, and it sent to her, but it ended up crashing my messages app as well. i tried the fix you suggested, and it ends up opening my messages app, but then it just freezes again. it’s closes the keyboard too. and if i close the app and reopen it, it doesn’t do anything. remember i’m using a ipad so i don’t know if it works with the ipad or not. please help me with this!

  2. King Jones

    So i sent this to someone will i ever be able to open up those messages again without deleting it

  3. Ayman

    I have an issue when i click the website to download the file/contact it only says “open in contacts” and won’t show me the other “open in” feature..

  4. Andrey

    Loved the music in your video! don’t tell me that the by. Thank you!

  5. Dragonx

    if I send this link on whatsapp or any social app?

    will this be opened by message app then it will crash?

  6. Jackson McGinnis

    How do you send via Android? I tried but they never arrive

  7. Eric

    I send the contact to me but whenever I open it it won’t load but it will load my iMessage app and I am still able to text people with the contact sent to me. I just can’t open up the message. Don’t know if my phone is too fast or what but it doesent work for me.

  8. Brendan

    I am able to download this fine, but when I try to send it trough messages, it does it work it gives my phone a blank screen and will not allow messages to open to send it

  9. tomekCunty

    hello everyone, i am Tomek from Poland.

    Hmmm, i am developer from 17 years. I would to help.

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